At Jennings Anodes USA, we also have extensive experience in manufacturing and supplying anodes for use within the marine industry. The most common type of anodes used within the Marine Industry are Silicon Iron Anodes,  Zinc Anodes and Aluminium Anodes. A metal anode that is more responsive to the corrosive environment of the system to be protected, is electrically linked to the system. It then partially corrodes or dissolves which protects the metal of the system it is connected to. An iron or steel ship’s hull may be protected by a zinc sacrificial anode, which will dissolve into the seawater and prevent the hull from being corroded.

Sacrificial anodes are found any where steel is immersed in water. They are mainly used on:

  • pipelines
  • platforms
  • subsea structures
  • wind turbine foundations and monopiles
  • wave and tidal generators
  • quay and harbour walls
  • jetties & pontoons
  • dock gates
  • power station intake screens and storage tanks

Here at Jennings Anodes USA, we have the knowledge and experience to develop precision-engineered anodes for this industry that combine performance with durability and quality.

sacrificial anode

Aluminium Anodes are widely used within the Marine industry and are particularly suitable for use in a tropical water environment.  Zinc Anodes have become almost indispensable within the Marine Industry as they are an extremely powerful anti-corrosion solution.  At Jennings Anodes USA we can provide expertise and advice in developing the anode solutions that should be used in order to protect and prolong the life and performance of your marine components. We can cast and design individual anodes for individual projects that might include sea-sleds,  500 kgs tubular centrispun silicon iron anodes, bi-metallic anodes or even anodes with unique chemistry to suit their environment and use.

marine castings