Jennings Anodes USA are highly experienced in producing high-integrity, quality anodes for the oil and gas industry.  Our bespoke engineered anodes in this industry are capable of meeting required standards and high performance demands.

The most rapid development of cathodic-protection systems was made in the United States of America to meet the requirements of the rapidly expanding oil and gas industry. The industry wanted to benefit from the advantages of using thin-walled steel pipes for underground transmission. For that purpose the method was well established in the United States in 1945.

Cathodic protection can, in principle, be applied to any metallic structure in contact with a bulk electrolyte. It’s main objective is to protect steel structures buried in soil or immersed in water. It cannot be used to prevent atmospheric corrosion.

Within the oil and gas industry anodes are mainly used for the exterior surface of:

  • pipelines
  • ships’ hulls
  • jetties
  • foundation piling
  • steel-sheet piling
  • offshore platforms
oil and gas castings

Cathodic protection is also used on the interior surfaces of water-storage tanks and water-circulating systems. Anodes have also been applied to steel embedded in concrete, to copper-based alloys in water systems, and to lead-sheathed cables and aluminium alloys, where cathodic potentials have to be very carefully controlled.

Equipment and components for the oil and gas industry need to be durable and manufactured from high specification materials that must pass rigorous product verification and testing processes.   We work with a number of high profile operators in this industry and understand the importance of demanding machining tolerances, accurate lead times and timely delivery.  We have the necessary equipment, processes and quality standards to manufacture anodes  this demanding industry.  From engineered concept to finished product, we have a longstanding reputation for producing the most complex, high quality engineered anodes for the oil and gas industry.

Our tried and tested manufacturing expertise allows us to work with our clients from design through to final assembly including CAD design, rapid prototyping, precision-casting, machining, fabrication and assembly, testing and delivery.