We are Jennings Anodes USA and we are proud to introduce you to our new site and American operations.

Jennings Anodes USA is the result of a joint venture between Specialist Castings UK and Yuxi China, both global leaders in the manufacture and production of anodes and cathodic protection.

Combing joint technical knowledge and experience of over 40 years in manufacturing and supplying high quality anodes to suppliers all over the world, we have formed a US-centric operation that will allow us to cater to our American markets in a responsive and innovative way, offering both impressed current protection as well as sacrificial anodes.  

sacrificial anode

Yuxi and Specialist Castings already collaborate to provide European operations, combining the best of both operations.  Yuxi’s factories in China produce magnesiumaluminiumzinc and MMO anodes, in addition to cathodic protection accessories.  Specialist Castings has over 30 years’ in the cathodic protection industry and is the only manufacturer capable of producing tubular anodes that can consistently pass x-ray inspection at level 1 and level 2 criteria.  Following over 7 years of investment and technical development between the two partners, we have developed foundries to become a world-leader in qualified foundries producing cathodic protection anodes.  

With our incredible investment in technology and innovation , we are able to produce the highest quality anodes at competitive prices.   We pride ourselves on producing some of the highest standard anodes available, and our new operation means that we can store stock directly in the USA for swift delivery to our customers.  

We hope that you have enjoyed the brief introduction to Jennings Anodes USA and do not hesitate to contact us for you anode and cathodic protection requirements.