MMO Linear Anode

The MMO Linear Anode is from the range of mixed metal oxide anodes (MMO Anodes), which can be installed to provide an Impressed Current Cathodic Protection system, both for the protection of new structures or as a cost-effective option for older structures.   Commonly found in storage tanks or buried pipelines/metallic structures where space is limited.  


Anode Type

MMO Linear Anode (Linear Sock Anode)

MMO Wire Substrate

ASTM B348 Grade I/II

Solid Titanium (Φ1.5mm / Φ3.0mm)


Ir - Ta Mixed Metal Oxide Catalyst

Anode Backfill

 Calcium Petroleum Coke 

Cable Joint Material


Fabricate Jacket

Porous Non-woven Fabric Housing

Anode Sock Diameter

Φ1.5" (38mm)


Testing Standard

Testing Result

1. Cable Copper Conductor


ASTM B - 263

#6 AWG (Standard)

Connection Resistance

ASTM B - 193

3.08 × 10-3 Ohm.m

2. MMO Wire


ASTM B - 348


Volume Resistivity

ASTM B - 193

9 - 11

3. Coke Breeze Backfill

Fixed Carbon

ASTM D - 172

98.5% Min.


G.L.C.-C-12A, 10 bar (145psi) @23℃ (73℉)


4. Cable Joint


ASTM B - 193

1.0 mOhm Max.

5. Fabric Jacket


80g/m2 Min.


Bursting Strength

ISO 3303

500N Min.

Abrasion Resistance

ASTM D - 4157

100 Cycles to Failure

Fluid Resistance

6 months Immersion Test


Chlorine Resistance

6 months Immersion Test


UV Resistance

ASTM G-53: 

8 hours @60℃ (140℉)

4 hours @50℃ (122℉)

55% Tear Strength Loss

mixed metal oxide anodes

MMO Linear Anode Components

  • High-grade MMO Wire is coated with MMO catalyst, consisting of Grade I/II titanium substrate conforming to ASTM B348
  • Insulated Cable (Halar, HMWPE or PDVF/HMWPE) sized for different current ratings runs along side the MMO Wire. Copper conductor of the cable and MMO wire are closely crimped together with a low resistance cable joint to ensure uniform current distribution. Wire to Cable Connections are sealed by epoxy resin and encapsulated in a Heat Shrink capsule to guarantee water resistance
  • Cable Joint: Wire to cable connection is standard at either every 16.4ft.(5m) or 32.8ft.(10m), but we can manufacture to meet customer’s specific requirements  
  • Anode Cable Headers are epoxy resin sealed with additional heart shrink encapsulation
  • A Continuous Non-Woven Fabric Housing filled with conductive coke breeze surrounds the MMO Wire and Cable. The Fabric housing is braided using a high tensile strength, heavy duty, compact wire thread assuring product integrity in the field

Jennings Anodes Linear Anode Advantages (SuperLinear Series) 

  • Customized Anode Output and Life Expectancy
  • Life expectancy can be up to 25 years
  • Lightweight packing reels ensure easy transportation & handling in the field
  • Easily cut to appropriate lengths or spliced to other lead cables or linear segments (Operation Manual provided)
  • Cost Effective ICCP solution

Anode Model

MMO Wire Diameter

Cable Specification

Current Output Rating

Life Expectancy

JA - MMO - SuperLinear100



100mA/ft (327mA/m)

≥25 yrs.

JA - MMO - SuperLinear300


300mA/ft (983mA/m)

  • All weights and dimensions are nominal and subject to variation in material compositions and Jennings Anodes foundry tolerance.
  • Above standard sizes are available at Jennings Anodes warehouse. 
  • Other configurations (different length, cable type, current rating, packing length) are available upon special request.  

Please kindly contact Jennings Anodes Sales Representatives for further assistance.

Mixed Metal Oxide Anodes Testing

Jennings Anodes manufacturing process ensures the ultimate performance of our mixed metal oxide anodes and their associated lifespan. Our internal testing standards and the 3rd party tests are performed to guarantee high quality of the products. Every anode is stamped with a unique serial number for quality tracking and after-sale service.


Chemical Composition

Anode Performance

Physical Appearance


ISO 9001 Quality Management System and Foundry Internal Quality Standard


NACE TM0108;

ASTM D3359

Foundry ITP


Chemical Analysis 

of MMO Substrate

Structure and Thickness of MMO Catalyst Coating; Anode Current Density, Anode Life

Permissible Variations

Anode Finish and Appearance

Anode Length and Weight 

Cable Specification and Length

Anode Header etc.

Equipment & Devices

Third Party / Sub-contractor

JCM-6000 Plus Scanning Electron Microscope; DWW-K-100 Galvanostat, VCC101A Multimeter, Calomel Reference Electrode

Visual Inspection, Microscopes, Calipers, Tap Measure etc.

JCM-6000 Plus Scanning Electron Microscope


Packing Information 

Jennings Anodes MMO Linear Sock anode is normally packed on lightweight reels of 500ft. (152m). Bespoke lengths can be ordered. Customer specific packing is also available. 

Anode Model

Packing Details

Unit of 


Reel Length

Reel Dimension

Net Weight

Gross Weight

Number of Reels

Jennings Anodes 

Linear Anode




Φ36" × 30"

(Φ900 × 760mm)





28 Reels / 20ft. Container

56 Reels / 40ft. Container

Shipping Documents

  • Invoice, Packing List, Full Chemical, Physical & Performance Test Reports.
  • 3rd Party Independent test reports can also be provided at cost. 


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