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Marine Growth Prevention System (MGPS)

Marine Growth Prevention System (MGPS)

Ships use seawater for several purposes, and one of the primary functions is cooling the engine and parts of the ship while while sailing. However, as the seawater passes through…

offshore oil platform cathodic Protection

Impressed Current Cathodic Protection for Offshore Platform

The Braced Offshore String Anode (BOSA) system adopts an integrated composite method of auxiliary anode, cable and steel cable, and is fixed by a special zipper and counterweight system. It…

Cathodic Protection of Bridge Jetties

Cathodic Protection for Jetties and Docks

Cathodic protection is a method of protecting the walls of jetty steel piles against corrosion. In principle, there are two methods for cathodic protection of jetty piles, sacrificial anode and impressed…

Cathodic Protection of Marine Freighter

Impressed Current Cathodic Protection for Underwater Hull

Marine ship undergoes corrosion in various aspects. To raise the level of corrosion suppression, impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) system is considered to be an optimum solution – fuel cost…

Industry Insights

Aqueous Magnesium Anodes

How Do Sacrificial Anodes Work ?

Galvanic anodes, or sacrificial anodes, are used in galvanic cathodic protection systems to extend the life of the steel structure…

Press Releases

MMO Tubular Anode Production

Made In Britain: MMO Anodes Manufactured On Site

Oct 9, 2022

We are delighted to announced that we are now manufacturing Mixed Metal Oxide Anodes (MMOs) at our specialist UK foundry, following a long-standing tradition of producing high quality anodes in the UK for more than 50 years.Adding the MMO production…