Iridium-Tantalum Coated Electrodes

As a type of dimensionally stable anode (DSAs), our iridium-tantalum coated electrodes are insoluble titanium-based anodes with an iridium tantalum oxide coating. Owing to their light weight, good temperature resistance and high mechanical strength, the iridium-tantalum coated electrodes are highly regarded as the most economic and practical choice for use in an inorganic electrolyte such as sulfuric and nitric acids.

Jennings Anodes offers a wide range of long-lasting iridium-tantalum coated electrodes with excellent durability, stable operational performance, remarkable energy efficiency and minimum plant downtime. Our iridium-tantalum coated electrodes can be fabricated in forms such as perforated plate, sheet, mesh, rod, wire or basket. These Ir-Ta titanium electrodes are widely used in copper foil production, printed circuit board manufacturing, etching solution regeneration, electrolytic organic synthesis, persulfate electrolysis, hospital sewage treatment, wastewater treatment, hydrometallurgy, industrial electroplating (Ag, Au, Rh, Cu, Zn, Ni, Sn, Cr) and many other electrochemical processes in which oxygen evolution is known to be the key anodic reaction.

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