Lead Dioxide Coated Electrodes

As one type of the dimensionally stable anodes (DSAs), our lead dioxide coated electrodes are another form of DSAs and are comprised of the insoluble titanium-based anodes with either an α or β type lead dioxide coating. Owing to their light weight, low resistivity and high mechanical strength, lead dioxide coated electrodes are highly regarded as the optimal choice for use in high potential anodic processes; generally in the environment of high oxygen evolution overvoltage.

Jennings Anodes can offer a wide range of long-lasting lead dioxide coated electrodes with stable operational performance, remarkable energy efficiency and minimum plant downtime. Our lead dioxide coated electrodes can be fabricated in forms such as perforated plate, sheet, mesh, rod, wire or basket. These PbO2 electrodes are widely used in chromium plating (that uses a chromic acid solution and other strongly acidic water solutions), chromate treatment, electrolytic recovery and extraction of non-ferrous metal in strongly acidic water solutions, oxidizing inorganic compound production, organic compound production in strongly acidic water solutions, water clarification and many other electrochemical processes in which ozone evolution is known to be the key anodic reaction.

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