Ruthenium-Iridium Coated Electrodes

Another type of the dimensionally stable anode (DSAs), our ruthenium-iridium coated electrodes are insoluble titanium-based anodes with a ruthenium iridium oxide coating. Owing to their light weight, good temperature resistance and high mechanical strength, ruthenium-iridium coated electrodes are highly regarded as the most economic and practical choice for use in electrolyte containing a high content of chloride ions —— generally in the environment of hydrochloric acid and brine/seawater electrolysis.

Jennings Anodes offer a wide range of long-lasting ruthenium-iridium coated electrodes with high selectivity, stable operational performance, remarkable energy efficiency and minimum plant downtime. Our ruthenium-iridium coated electrodes can be fabricated in forms such as perforated plate, sheet, mesh, rod, wire or basket. These Ru-Ir titanium electrodes are widely used in chlor-alkali production, water treatment, water disinfection, primary metal refining, electroplating and many other electrochemical processes in which chlorine evolution represents the key anodic reaction.

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