MMO Disc Anode for Ship ICCP System (Ellipse Shape)

This MMO disc anode is generally used in impressed current cathodic protection system for ship hulls. Surrounded by a dielectric shield to distribute the current evenly across the ships’ hull, it is suitable for use in fresh, brackish, and seawater environments.

The current emitting face of the disc anode is made from titanium substrate coated with a mixed metal oxide catalyst. When applied on titanium, the mixed metal oxide coating has an extremely low consumption rate, measured in terms of milligrams per year. Direct current transfer is accomplished through the mixed metal oxide catalyst which is highly conductive, so that higher current outputs are achievable. As a result, the dimensions of disc anodes remain nearly constant throughout the design life.

Shaped as an ellipse flat plate, this slim disc anode fits flush with the hull surface, minimizing the drag resistance and maintaining the flow dynamics during voyages. Its low profile also avoids the problem of rubbing by anchor chains.




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Quality Substrate Material
The titanium substrate of the anode is selected according to ASTM B265 Grade 1 standard requirements. The high purity titanium has proven excellent chemical corrosion resistance as well as low electrical resistance.

Noble Metal Oxide Coating
The Ir–Ta (IrO2/Ta2O5) mixed metal oxide catalyst sintered to the surface of titanium substrate demonstrates high chemical stability when subject to high current density. We are able to produce anodes with differing coating thickness and noble metal oxide ratios upon request. Strict quality control procedures are followed throughout the coating process to ensure appropriate thickness and adhesion.

Good Water Tightness
The anode is sealed with water-proof epoxy resin to avoid any leaks.

Easy Installation and Replacement
The disc anode comes with internal bolting for recessed installation on the ship’s hull. And it can be easily changed by a diver with the assistance of a shipboard technician.

Customized Configurations
There are four standard sizes available which vary in current output. With the help of our experienced engineers, we can customize the anode size, service life and output current to meet your specific needs upon request.

Main Technical Parameters




Iridium Oxide (IrO2), Tantalum Oxide (Ta2O5)




Boat & Ship


Brackish Water, Seawater

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