MMO Ribbon & Ti Conductor Bar

Jennings Anodes manufactures MMO Ribbon using a bespoke automated production line, consisting of meticulous surface preparation of the titanium substrate, uniform mixed metal oxide coating application and thermal treatment in large stoves, enabling us to produce a homogeneous coating with superior adhesion properties whilst maintaining a production capacity up to 1,000,000 meters per year.

MMO Ribbon consists of a solid ribbon of titanium substrate to ASTM 265 Gr 1 coated with precious mixed metal oxides (IrO2 /Ta2O5). All MMO anodes benefit from being pre-oxidized in a controlled environment prior to field installation meaning they are not reliant on protective film formation when installed and operational. MMO coating is highly conductive and the anodes have a very low consumption rate. This combination of characteristics results in a long-life expectancy even when the anode is subjected to a high current density rating. For example, MMO Ribbon life can exceed 50 yrs. with a 3A/m2 Current Density. 

Anode Type

MMO Ribbon / Titanium Conductor Bar


ASTM B265 Titanium Grade 1

Anode Coating

Ir-Ta Mixed Metal Oxide Catalyst

Coefficient of Thermal Expansion

8.7 × 10-5/K (0.0000048in/K)

Thermal Conductivity @20

15.6W/m*K (9.0BTU/hr./ft²/℉/ft.)

Electrical Resistivity @20

0.000056Ohm-cm (0.000022Ohm-in)

Modules of Elasticity

105Gpa Min. (14,900,000psi Min.)

Tensile Strength

245Gpa Min. (35,000psi Min.)

Yield Strength (0.2% offset)

175Gpa Min. (25,000psi Min.)


24% Min.

Product Features

  • Long Lifetime and Durable (Over 50 years)
  • Light weight (Easy transportation and handling)
  • Flexible (Quick Installation)
  • Reliable, Dimensional Stability
  • Excellent Resistance in Acidic Medium
  • Working Environment: Evolution of O2, Cl2 or a combination of the two


Anode Model

MMO Ribbon Anode

Ti Conductor Bar

JA - MMO - R01



6.35mm × 0.635mm

(1/4" × 0.025")

12.7mm × 0.9mm

(1/2" × 0.035")


Electrical Resistance

0.138Ohm/m (0.45Ohm/ft.)

0.081Ohm/m (0.26Ohm/ft.)

Current Density

(Soil Application)

3A/m2 (0.278A/sq.ft.)

Current Output

17mA/m (5.185mA/ft.)


Life Expectancy

50 Years



  • Mixed metal oxide surface is susceptible to abrasion damage
  • There is an attenuation in long MMO ribbon
  • “Break down” voltage should be considered for usage in soil with high resistivity 

MMO Ribbon Anodes are commonly used as ICCP systems for above ground storage tanks. Ribbon is often spot welded to Titanium Conductor Bar forming a grid arrangement under tank bottoms providing a system with an even distribution of current. MMO ribbon is used for new and old structures and steel reinforced concrete structures.

MMO Ribbon is also used for CP applications where there is a high current demand is combined with limited space.  

Ribbon is suitable to be directly buried into fine sand without any need for carbon backfill.

Anode Model

MMO Ribbon

Ti Conductor Bar

JA - MMO - R01



6.35mm × 0.635mm (1/4" × 0.025")

12.7mm × 0.9mm (1/2" × 0.035")

Anode Surface Area



Standard Packing

500ft./Coil (152m/Coil) 

or Cut to Length

Anode Weight (Coil)

6.17lbs (2.8kg)

18.07lbs (8.2kg)

  • All weights and dimensions are nominal and subject to variation in material compositions and Jennings Anodes foundry tolerance.
  • Above standard sizes are available at Jennings Anodes warehouse. Other configurations are available upon special request. 

Ordering Information

  • Anode Type* 
  • Quantity*
  • Delivery Address* (Estimated Shipping Cost)

Jennings Anodes manufacturing quality control procedures are employed and strictly adhered to guaranteeing the ultimate performance & life of the anodes. Our internal testing standards and 3rd party tests are performed to guarantee the quality of the anodes. Every anode is stamped with a serial number for quality tracking and after-sale service. 


Chemical Composition

Anode Performance

Physical Appearance


ISO 9001 Quality Management System and Foundry Internal Quality Standard


NACE TM0108; NACE TM0294; ASTM D3359

Foundry ITP

Testing Item

Chemical Analysis of Titanium Substrate

Structure and Thickness of the coating; Anode Current Density, Anode Life

Permissible Variations

Anode Finish and Appearance

Anode Length etc.

Equipment & Devices

Third Party / Sub-contractor

JCM-6000 Plus Scanning Electron Microscope; DWW-K-100 Galvanostat, VCC101A Multimeter, Calomel Reference Electrode

Visual Inspection, Microscopes, Calipers, Tap Measure etc.

JCM-6000 Plus Scanning Electron Microscope


Anode Model

Packing Details

Unit of 


Coil Length

Coil Dimension

Net Weight

Gross Weight

JA - MMO - R01


500ft. (152m)

15.5" × 15.5" × 1.0"

(390 × 390 × 24mm)

6.0lbs (2.7kg)

6.5lbs (3.0kg)


19.0" × 19.0" × 1.0"

(480 × 480 × 24mm)

17.0lbs (7.7kg)

18.0lbs (8.0kg)

Shipping Documents

    • Invoice, Packing List, Full Chemical, Physical & Performance Test Reports.
    • 3rd Party Independent test reports can also be provided at cost. 


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