Platinized Titanium Rod Electrode

This platinum coated rod anode possesses the same electrochemical properties as solid platinum metal. A thin coating of platinum with at least 0.1 microns (with a 20 micron maximum) thick is maintained on the anode surface, ready for metal finishing in plating baths.


Platinized metal anodes are widely recognized as a practical solution in various applications including hard chrome plating, metal electroplating, electronics and semiconductor industries, chemical process engineering, electroplating, electrodialysis, electroforming (conforming anodes), electrochemical sensing, electrowinning and metal refining, electrolytic regeneration of chromic acid, sodium hypochlorite production, electrosynthesis of organic and inorganic chemicals and cathodic protection applications.



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  • Excellent corrosion resistance and catalytic activity
  • Low hydrogen evolution potential, can be utilized as both an anode and cathode
  • Great current efficiency
  • Reversible polarity
  • Excellent coating adhesion

Main Technical Parameters




Platinum (Pt)

Current Density

≤7500 A/m²

Operating Voltage


pH Range


Fluorides Content



ASTM B338:2017