Calcined Petroleum Coke Breeze

Calcined petroleum coke breeze is a carbonaceous backfill material widely used in underground cathodic protection applications to enhance the performance of impressed current groundbeds. Our carbon backfill undergoes a thermal treatment process called “calcination” where it is heated at high temperature of approximately 1300~1400 °C in a rotary kiln. Thus, most of the volatile matter and the residual hydrocarbons are eliminated, leaving a high-purity granular carbon. Thanks to its excellent conductivity, this calcined petroleum coke backfill provides an electrical pathway for current flow —— ensuring maximum electronic current transfer with positive anode contact.




  • Lower the anode-to-earth circuit resistance by extending the effective size of the anode
  • Increase the anodic discharge current amount by a widely increased contact surface
  • Prolong anode service life as the carbon consumed before the anode itself
  • Eliminate gas blockage and drying tendencies

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