Mixed Metal Oxide Anodes

Mixed metal oxide (MMO) anodes are the most common anodes used in impressed current systems. They have been used in cathodic protection since the 1980s and continued to gain popularity in a wide range of applications due to a range of advantages compared to similar systems.

An MMO anode is a highly conductive and corrosion-resistant anode which consists of the base metal and a metal oxide coating on its surface. Our MMO anodes coating are applied over a commercial Grade I or II pure titanium substrate. Depending on the intended usage, the coating used can be a mix of two or more metal oxides, such as Iridium oxides(IrO2), Tantalum oxides(Ta2O5) and Ruthenium oxides (RuO2). Since the coating of a MMO Anode creates a low resistance, it results in lower consumption rate and high current densities maximizing anode performance.

Our MMO anodes are available in various forms to meet any desired specification, including tube, ribbon, wire, mesh and sheets. These anodes are widely used in the protection of bridges, marine structures, offshore platforms, storage tanks bottom, buried or submerged pipelines and reinforced concrete structures.

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