MMO Powered Water Heater Anode Rod

One of the most commonly found factors limiting the life of water heater is interior corrosion. The water inside the heater tank can be very harmful to the system as the harsh minerals it contains can build up and eat away at the steel surfaces, a process which is only worsened by the high water temperatures.

Anode rods are the most important factor in preventing corrosion and leaks in water heaters. The anode rod delivers electrons into the water that help to create an environment that diverts corrosive action away from the tank walls to the anode rod. Thus, it prolongs the service life of the inner tank and connected heating pipes.

Different from traditional sacrificial anodes, which degrade themselves to protect the water heater tank, this powered anode rod is a more economical and effective option for prolonging the life of water heater tank, as well as softening water and removing the dirt.

This powered anode rod is made with high-tensile titanium coated with Ir–Ta mixed metal oxide catalyst. It is a stable material with low consumption rate, ensuring a lifespan in excess of 10 years. Activated by the electrical current, it provides sufficient electrons to protect the steel water heater tank steadily and continuously. These anodes do not need to be changed as frequently as traditional anode rods as the powered anode rod does not disintegrate. This also means no residue is left in the water heater tank. In addition, it is excellent at removing the sulfurous “rotten egg” smell from the water heater tank.




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Quality Substrate Material
Our MMO rod anode is manufactured from high-tensile titanium rod, which meets ASTM B265 Grade 1 standards.

Low Coating Wear Rate
The Ir–Ta (IrO2/Ta2O5) mixed metal oxide catalyst demonstrates high chemical stability for use in fresh water. The wear rate of the rod anode is extremely low and uniform. The thickness of the mixed oxide film decreases linearly with time at all points on the surface. Hence, the wear rate is constant over all current densities in both general and frequent use.

Permanent Corrosion Protection
Because the titanium substrate is naturally passivated by an oxidizing film, the rod anode remains dimensionally stable over time. Relying on an infinite source of impressed current, this powered anode rod can provide maximum corrosion protection regardless of water hardness.

Odor Elimination
Once the system is operational, the powered anode rod will remove the sulfurous rotten egg smell caused by hydrogen sulfide within 24 hours.

Limescale Reduction
By destabilizing the calcium molecule found within the water, it can improve the water quality and reduce mineral accumulation on the tank which could cause significant energy losses.

Automatic Adaption
The embedded potentiostat can measure the returning current and adjust the output voltage automatically to avoid overprotection of the water heater tank.  Regardless of the water source, the system adapts to the type of water present in the tank for optimal protection. No maintenance is required, even if used with a water softener.

Strict Quality Control
By conforming to ISO 9001:2015 standards, our powered anode rod is manufactured, inspected, and tested in accordance with our stringent quality control procedures to ensure peak performance.

Customized Configurations
Standard sizes below are available at Jennings Anodes warehouse. Custom-made sizes, special integration with water heaters’ PCB board and individual power plugs are available upon request.

Item No. Tank Volume Rod Length Current Output
JA-EWH-40 10 ~ 39 Gallon 11.8″ (300mm) 5 mA
JA-EWH-90 40 ~ 89 Gallon 11.8″ (300mm) 15 mA
JA-EWH-120 90 ~ 120 Gallon 18.9″ (480mm) 15 mA
JA-EWH-RV For RV (suburban) 11.8″ (300mm) 5 mA

Main Technical Parameters






Iridium Oxide (IrO2), Tantalum Oxide (Ta2O5)


Fresh Water


Water Heater

Power Supply

DC 5~24V

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