Marine Growth Prevention System (MGPS)

Ships use seawater for several purposes, and one of the primary functions is cooling the engine and parts of the ship while while sailing. However, as the seawater passes through the various pipes and parts to cool the ship’s engine, marine organisms could deposite along their surface.

To protect and purify the surface of ship’s mechanical parts, our electrolytic anti-fouling anodes combo system function as both anti-fouling agent and corrosion inhibitor. The fouling organisms can be inhibited from growing by dosing small quantities of Cu ions into the water with a total anti-fouling effective rate over 95%. And aluminum hydroxide colloid formed could provide an anti-corrosive film over the sea water piping system – keeping corrosion rate less than 0.03 mm/year.

Environmental Friendly

only 2 ppb of Cu ions will be released into sea water with no chlorine evolution

Easy Installation

anode will be pre-assembled before shipping and ready for both newly installation and retrofitting

Less Maintenance

system operate automatically and reduce manual maintenance



System Components