Ship Discharging Ballast Water

Ballast Water Management System

Ballast water management system could be divided into 3 individual procedures: filtration, disinfection (Sea water electrolysis) and neutralization.

Filtration: while filling up, water flowing in will be filtrated by automatic backwash filter where most marine organisms and solid particles with >50μm diameter will be blocked.

Disinfection: Portion of filtrated seawater will be channeled to the electrolyzer, where sodium hypochloride is generated by brine electrolysis. Dosing of NaClO could effectively kill any remained plankton and microorganisms that passed through the filter to reach D-2 (or equivalent) disinfection standard. Available chlorine concentration is timely controlled by TRO analyzer.

Neutralization: When ballast water is about to emission, concentration of chlorine residue will be analyzed to see if it conform to IMO standard. Neutralization system will automatically switch on if exceed amount of oxidant is detected.

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