Cathodic Protection of Offshore Wind Turbine Farm

Impressed Current Cathodic Protection for Offshore Wind Turbine Foundations

Various parts and components of offshore wind power facilities are corroded under complex environments that requires joint protection of multiple cathodic protection & anti-corrosion coating systems. Designing of corrosion protection should take followed aspects into consideration:

1. Highly corrosive sea water environment

2. Abrasion caused by sea salt, water droplet particles

3. Mechanical damage caused by ice floes

4. Increased load due to bio-fouling

5. Mechanical impact of sea breeze and waves

6. High maintenance cost of offshore facilities

Remote anode sled or tension fixed MMO anode string are two common arrangement of ICCP anodes in accordance to the depth where the facilities are located. In addition to the ICCP system, we provide a splash zone – submerged zone – atmospheric zone separated anti-corrosion coating plan and welded aluminum sacrificial anodes as reinforcement.

In the past decades Jennings Anodes has supplied all series of self-produced products for offshore wind power facilities protection all over the world. We could also provide CP designing service with group of experienced engineers.

Fixed MMO Tension Anode String System
Remote Anode Sled System

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