offshore oil platform cathodic Protection

Impressed Current Cathodic Protection for Offshore Platform

The Braced Offshore String Anode (BOSA) system adopts an integrated composite method of auxiliary anode, cable and steel cable, and is fixed by a special zipper and counterweight system. It is suitable for cathodic protection of oil and gas platforms, steel wharf foundations, jackets, etc. in shallow sea areas.

Marine engineering equipment is mainly made of steel structure and has a long service time, generally more than 20 years, and some even reach or exceed 50 years. Compared with the traditional sacrificial anode system, the impressed current cathodic protection system has the advantages of long protection life, environmental friendliness, and low maintenance cost. More and more design units are used as the preferred cathodic protection system.

The Remote Offshore Static Anode (ROSA) system adopts remote anode arrangement, which is suitable for cathodic protection of oil and gas platforms in deep sea areas.

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