High Silicon Cast Iron Anode Sled

With six heavy high silicon cast iron tubular anodes mounted on a PVC pipe frame filled with reinforced concrete, this anode sled is designed to provide cathodic protection current to offshore structures such as oil platforms, piers, pilings, wharfs and similar structures which usually require relatively high levels of current in seawater. The anodes will be connected to a shore-based rectifier by means of two parallel insulated cables.



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Centrifugal Casting Process

Our tubular HSCI anodes are centrifugal chill cast. The casting mold rotates at over 1000rpm producing a g-force that eliminates any trapped gas from silicon iron and throws any impurities to the inside bore of the anode where they do not hinder anode performance. Hence, the metal matrix is tight and dense, increasing the life of the anode.

Low Connection Resistance

With zinc wedge-lock or bolt connectors at the mid-point of the anode, our center connection structure ensures a low resistivity; less than 0.001 ohms. The balanced spread of current throughout the overall length extends the anode lifespan and results in a reliable current discharge to the surrounding environment. Moreover, the connection component is resin encapsulated using a high-quality Epoxy Resin to ensure the eradication of moisture ingress.

Low Consumption Rate

Coarse stippled surface texture enlarges the surface area to weight ratio, thus reducing the anode current density, giving 30% more amp-years than conventional stick anodes.

Easy Installation

A unique cable connection device can be provided for a rapid installation. On average, more than 200 anodes can be connected by two workers in less than eight hours.

Chemical Composition

Element ASTM A518 / A518M Grade 1 (Si – Fe) ASTM A518 / A518M Grade 3 (Si – Fe – Cr) BS 1591 1975
Silicon (Si) 14.2% ~ 14.75% 14.2% ~ 14.75% 14.25 ~ 15.25%
Chromium (Cr) 0.5% max. 3.25% ~ 5.0% 0.5% max.
Manganese (Mn) 1.5% max. 1.5% max. 0.5% max.
Copper (Cu) 0.5% max. 0.5% max.
Molybdenum (Mo) 0.5% max. 0.2% max.
Carbon (C) 0.65% ~ 1.1% 0.7% ~ 1.1% 1.4% max.
Phosphorus (P) 0.25% max.
Sulphur (S) 0.1% max.
Iron (Fe) Remainder Remainder Remainder

Note: ASTM A518 Grade 3 chemistry is particularly suited for electrolytes rich with chloride ions, where the level of chromium is elevated to enhance anode performance.

Main Technical Parameters


High Silicon Cast Iron



Current Density

1 ~ 5 A/ft² (10 ~ 50 A/m²)

Consumption Rate

0.75 ~ 1.5 lbs/A.y (0.34 ~ 0.68 kg/A.y)


1050.3 lbs (476.4 kg)


Offshore Platform




We employ ISO 9001:2015 quality management system and rigorous internal testing standards to ensure the optimum lifespan and performance of our anodes. Each anode is labelled with a unique serial number for quality tracking.

Testing Details Chemical Composition Electrochemical Performance Physical Properties
Testing Standard ASTM E350 ASTM E186/E446 Foundry ITP
Testing Items Chemical Analysis Current Efficiency / Connection Resistance Dimension & Weight / Surface Finish / Cable Connection / Lead Wire Pulling Tension / Epoxy Resin Sealing
Equipments Optical Emission Spectrometer Labspark 750A / Thermoscientific Niton XL2-980 Electrochemical Analyzer EPI 200 Calibrated Digital Measuring Devices

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