MMO Anode Sled

Offshore wind power has gone from a marginal industry to a major renewable energy source within the last decade. However, external submerged surfaces of wind turbine foundation are subject to the damaging effects of corrosion around the clock. Impressed current cathodic protection system is the most cost effective, easy-to-maintain and environmentally friendly solution on the market for the protection of offshore wind turbine foundations against corrosion. The system performance is systematically evaluated by an integral remote monitoring system which simplifies protection level check and early warning of possible flaws. Constructed based on MMO tubular, our anode sled is an excellent option for corrosion protection to tripod, monopile and other subsea structure of the wind turbine in shallow water. The anode assembly can be easily completed by lowering it into the water and onto the sea floor or river bottom with minimal labor and effort.



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Quality Substrate Material
Our MMO tubular anode is manufactured from high-tensile seamless titanium tube, which meets ASTM B338 Grade 1 standards.

Noble Metal Oxide Coating
Whether operating in soil, fresh water, seawater or mud, mixed metal oxide coatings demonstrate high chemical stability, even in environments with a low pH value. The Ir–Ta mixed metal oxide catalyst is recommended for soil or freshwater, where there is either no chloride ions or low chloride ions present. The Ir-Ru mixed metal oxide catalyst is recommended for brackish and seawater. Based upon accelerated life testing, conducted by an independent laboratory, our MMO coating has been proven to have an increased life expectancy when compared with other similar products on the market. Differing coating thickness and different noble metal oxide ratios are available on request.

Low Electrical Resistance
The MMO anode has an extremely low consumption rate, measured in milligrams per ampere-year. The dimensions remain nearly unchanged throughout the design life of the anode, providing a consistently low resistance.

Low Maintenance Cost
MMO tubular anodes are a high performance anode specifically designed for harsh environments and areas where conventional installations and replacements would be economically or logistically restricted. When compared to other anode types, it can save up to 15%-35% of installation costs.

Wide Cable Selection
PVDF, HMWPE, HALAR, XLPE, PVC or KYNAR are all optional. We recommend dual-insulated cable(such as PVDF/HMWPE) for use in ground beds with high chloride concentration. While HMWPE is an economical choice for shallow vertical and horizontal surface beds with no chloride presence.

Long Working Life
The design life of the anode varies with the operating current supplied for the various applications.


Main Technical Parameters




Iridium Oxide (IrO2), Ruthenium Oxide (RuO2), Tantalum Oxide (Ta2O5)




Offshore Platform


Brackish Water, Seawater

Design Life

25 years

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