Electrodes for Printed Circuit Board

Printed Circuit Board Production

PCB copper plating is a process where copper cations are driven by applied electric field and being reduced at the cathode surface. It’s a metal electrodeposition process that cooperate with liquid phase mass transfer, electrochemical reactions and electrocrystallization. Electroplating system consists of a DC power source, a dimensionally stable anode (DSA), electrolyte and PCB plate that is going to be plated (cathode). 

Anodes:2H2O→O2↑ + (4H+) + 4e

Cathode:Cu2+ + 2e→Cu

Jennings Anodes are offered in standard and custom designs to ensure optimum performance:

1. Stable current output ensures uniform plating
2. Greater current capacity brings higher work efficiency
3. Longer service life

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