Copper Cored MMO Wire Anode

Jennings Anodes provides copper cored MMO wire anodes upon request. With electrical-conductive mixed metal oxide coating, the titanium wire is activated and functioned as anode. Copper cored MMO wire anodes has excellent performance characteristics with very little wear and dissolution of the metal oxide coating. A low consumption rate of the electrocatalytic layer operating at recommended current densities for CP applications enables a product lifetime of over 20 years in underground, brackish, seawater and concrete environments. Delivering a superior, reliable product to our clients for many years with a production capacity of 1,000,000 meters per year.



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Quality Substrate Material

The high purity copper cored titanium wire has proven excellent chemical corrosion resistance, low electrical resistance, and high mechanical integrity against damage.

Noble Metal Oxide Coating

The noble metal film of the anode used depends on the operating environment. In soil or fresh water where there is either no chloride ions or low chloride ions present, therefore the Ir–Ta mixed metal oxide catalyst is recommended. For brackish and seawater, the Ir-Ru mixed metal oxide catalyst is recommended.

Low Coating Wear Rate

Stringent quality control procedures are followed throughout the coating process to ensure appropriate thickness and adhesion. Each batch is subject to thorough testing including accelerated life testing and coating thickness verification with X-ray among other tests.

Flexibility of Use

The lightweight and malleability of copper cored MMO wire anodes allow for adaptability in creating more complex configurations. They provide high conductivity, resulting in better current distribution along the entire length of the wire.

Electrochemical Properties

Environment Wire Diameter Current Output
For 20 yrs. For 30 yrs. For 50 yrs.
Soil Φ0.06″ (Φ1.5 mm) 74mA/ft. (240mA/m) 49mA/ft. (160mA/m) 29mA/ft. (96mA/m)
0.12″ (Φ3 mm) 147mA/ft. (480mA/m) 98mA/ft. (320mA/m) 59mA/ft. (192mA/m)
Coke Breeze/Freshwater Φ0.06″ (Φ1.5 mm) 146mA/ft. (480mA/m) 97mA/ft. (320mA/m) 58mA/ft. (192mA/m)
0.12″ (Φ3 mm) 291mA/ft. (960mA/m) 194mA/ft. (640mA/m) 116 mA/ft. (384mA/m)
Brackish Water Φ0.06″ (Φ1.5 mm) 438mA/ft. (1440mA/m) 292mA/ft. (960mA/m) 175mA/ft. (576mA/m
0.12″ (Φ3 mm) 876mA/ft. (2880mA/m) 584mA/ft. (1920mA/m) 350mA/ft. (1152mA/m)
Seawater Φ0.06″ (Φ1.5 mm) 876mA/ft. (2880mA/m) 584mA/ft. (1920mA/m) 350mA/ft. (1152mA/m)
0.12″ (Φ3 mm) 1752mA/ft. (5760mA/m) 1168mA/ft. (3840mA/m) 701mA/ft. (2304mA/m)


Item No. Wire Diameter Coil Length Weight
JA–MMO-CW1.5 0.06” (1.5 mm) 500 ft. (152 m) 2.75 lbs (1.25 kg)
JA–MMO-CW3.0 0.12” (3.0 mm) 500 ft. (152 m) 10.8 lbs (4.9 kg)

Remarks: Customized configurations and coatings are available at request.

Main Technical Parameters




Iridium Oxide (IrO2), Ruthenium Oxide (RuO2), Tantalum Oxide (Ta2O5)




Pipelines, Storage Tank


Brackish Water, Fresh Water, Horizontal Groundbed, Seawater, Shallow Vertical Groundbed, Soil


We employ ISO 9001:2015 quality management system and rigorous internal testing standards to ensure the optimum lifespan and performance of our anodes. Each anode is labelled with a unique serial number for quality tracking.

Technical Measurement Chemical Composition Electrochemical Performance Physical Properties
Testing Standard ASTM E120 NACE TM0108 / ASTM D3359 Foundry ITP
Testing Content Chemical Analysis Current Output / Anode Life Dimensions & Weight / Coating Thickness
Equipment Optical Emission Spectrometer OBLF QSN 750 JCM-6000 Plus Scanning Electron Microscope / DWW-K-100 Galvanostat / VCC101A Multimeter Calibrated Digital Measuring Devices

Packaging Information

We have strict packing protocols to guarantee safe delivery of our products. Clear shipping marks and documentation make delivery acceptance straightforward and simple.

Item No. Coil Length Coil Dimension Net Weight Gross Weight
JA-MMO-CW1.5 500ft. (152m) Φ21″ × 2.35″ (Φ530 × 60mm) 2.75 lbs (1.25 kg) 3.4 lbs (1.55 kg)
JA-MMO-CW3.0 500ft. (152m) Φ21″ × 3.15″ (Φ530 × 80mm) 10.8 lbs (4.9 kg) 11.5 lbs (5.2 kg)

Remarks: Custom packing is available upon request.

Shipping Documents:

  • Proforma invoice
  • Packing list
  • Testing reports (Chemical Composition, Electrochemical Properties Test, Certificate of Compliance)
  • Certificate of origin (upon request)