Oil Cooled Transformer Rectifier (Top-Bottom Type)

Oil cooled transformer rectifier is the simplest cooling system, where natural convectional flow of oil is used to reduce the temperature gradient between transformer and the outside ambient. It is generally used in severe weather conditions where air cooled rectifier will not withstand these weatherly conditions – such as deserts, offshore, atmospheric aggressive environment, hazardous and explosive environments, etc.



  • Rectifier Module: Thyristor / Silicon Rectifier
  • Mode Switch: Auto / Manual(25-step outputs)
  • Touch Screen Panel
  • LED Digital Display
  • Timing Interruption Program
  • Surge Protection
  • Lightning Protection (optional)
  • Sun Protection (optional)
  • Data Remote Transmission and Control (optional)
  • GPS Synchronization Current Interrupter (optional)


Main Technical Parameters

AC Input

Single-phase: 220±10%V, 50±5%Hz, Three-phase: 380±10%V, 50±5%Hz

DC Output

100V, 50A

Insulation Resistance


Control Range


Control Accuracy



<80 dB

IP Level

IP55, IP66

Design Life

30 years

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